Julie Igel, CHom

Julie Igel, CHom


Thank you for visiting my web-site Home opathic Soul utions. I am a Certified Classical Homeopath, and have been using homeopathy for over 20 years. I am a graduate of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and I have a private practice in beautiful Encinitas, California. It is my greatest passion to share this natural approach to medicine, for all your mental, emotional as well as physical  needs.

I was first introduced to homeopathy back in the early 1990′s. I was immediately drawn to the concept of the Mind/Body connection and that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. This tied in almost directly to the way I was raised. Fortunately for me and my siblings, our mother was raised by her Irish Immigrant grandmother who believed that anything that ails you can and will be cured by a nice warm bowl of soup, a nap and a good BM! (Bowel Movement) If ever we complained to our mother that we weren’t feeling well, her immediate response to us was “honey have you had a BM today?” To which we immediately responded “disgusting mother!!” Little did I know how much I would appreciate this later on in life. We hardly ever went to the doctor, and when we did, it was almost always to the dentist; as a result I do have pretty nice teeth!

After my three daughters were born, I became very discouraged with the pediatric group I was using. There were usually long waits in the front office, followed by a very short 15 minute visit with my doctor, which usually ended with a prescription for antibiotics. However, that wasn’t really the worst part about it. The worst part about it was that I did not feel heard, and that I did not feel valued as the spokesperson for my three children. I was treated as though I had no understanding of what was happening with their health, and any discussions about alternative therapies simply were not negotiable, I was made to feel as if it were quackery. Just for the record, I feel that mothers are truly the top of the food chain, and nothing or no one can ever out rank a mother!!! My goal in my private practice is to empower young mothers with the knowledge that they too can heal their little ones.

I look forward to helping you achieve a happy, healthy and well balanced life.