Greetings! And Happy New Year 2014!!

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you are making your way into this New Year, happy and healthy!!

As fate would have it, a Christmas Holiday card was in the works from me and my family, but due to forces beyond my control (a lack of technical proficiency on my part) the card never made it from my computer to the printer!!!

2014 brings a lot of wonderful changes here at Homeopathic Soulutions and for my family as well. I have recently moved my office from my Vulcan Ave address to my home here in Leucadia. I have always envisioned an office here on my own turf, with a desire to share my many blessings of a peaceful garden setting and a relaxed setting so my clients can feel comforted and supported. I know you will all enjoy my new office with its easy access and off street parking.

New Year’s brings about new plans, goals and adventures! Looking forward with eager anticipation and joyful hope for what lies ahead! It’s a time to put things in to perspective, think about where the last year went, what milestones occurred, and perhaps looking at the areas where there is still room for improvement and change.

Change takes courage and determination. Moving beyond and out of our comfort zone is not for the faint of heart; where there is no change there is no growth, where there is no discomfort there will inevitably be no comfort.

I have spoken often about the “quick-fix” society we live in and the dangers that it presents. I will continue to toot my little horn and stand on my veritable soap box to do my part to bring about the winds of change.

The question is; will 2014 be your year for change? Will this be the year you decide to break  through those physical and emotional challenges you are avoiding and ask yourself what is staying in the same “lane” costing me, and how is tolerating it another day going to benefit me?

Homeopathy has been safely, gently and affectively helping people with acute and chronic illness for over 200 years; not just treating the symptoms but getting to the underlying cause.  Putting those puzzle pieces together and working towards lasting and permanent change.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you these past few years. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help you and your families with all that ails you, celebrating all your successes!

I am offering a free follow up session for anyone who refers my practice to someone this next year, to show my appreciation for your faith and trust in me.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Julie and Family

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