Some of Julie’s Testimonials

Thank you so much Julie  for helping my 12 year old son with his abdominal issues!! He has had issues with lactose intolerance, loose stools and stomachaches since he was a baby. After doing a consultation with Julie and taking the homeopathic remedy she suggested,  I am so excited to say that his issues have improved significantly!! As he puts it he now has “solid poops” and feels so much better!! I highly recommend Julie and loved how she worked with my son.

Shannon Blas, Arbonne Representative

I  just want to put this out there for parents who may be interested in using homeopathy with their kids. I’ve been to 3 homeopaths and Julie Igel is by far the best that we have found. After trying everything to help my son with ADHD including occupational therapy, behavioral therapy and western medicine (ie stimulant medication) we found homeopathy to be the treatment that works best for him. The key for it to be effective is finding a professional who can administer the most appropriate remedy for them. To begin with I was very skeptical but seeing the results have really made me embrace this form of treatment.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Shelley Saban, Qualcomm

Julie Igel has helped our family through many illnesses in the past year and a half. With two young children it has been such a life saver to be able to call Julie and discuss the girls symptoms. She takes the time to throughout listen and really gets to the heart of the problem. We feel very lucky to have such a great homeopath and friend.

Denise P.

One word: Transformed. I came to see Julie after being diagnosed with depression and suffering from a debilitating and overwhelming anxiety. I was prescribed antidepressants by my mental health provider and taking them did help my condition some. However, I disliked the side effects that ranged from feeling like an airhead, to sexual dysfunction, to weight gain. I’ve always been a healthy, type-A, athletic male and health is important to me. I took the antidepressants initially because I needed help and that was the quickest way to get me back on track within the scope of my knowledge at the time. Within a few months after my diagnosis I learned about homeopathy and I met Julie Igel. I visited her beautiful, peaceful cottage-style office in Encinitas where we sat and talked about anything and everything that was going through my head and my heart. I gotta be honest; to the unfamiliar, the homeopathic diagnostic approach is non-direct. Julie gave me room to speak, she listened to me and asked me lots of questions that seemed unrelated at times but in the end led to a solution that worked for me and my condition. Immediately after our first session Julie advised me to go to the local homeopathic supplier and she started me on some basic but powerful remedies. Only hours after taking a couple of the remedies prescribed I was feeling great! I had already started to dial back on the antidepressants and these new remedies nicely complemented the taper of antidepressants. Over the next 2 weeks I continued to slowly taper off the antidepressants while keeping a steady dose of my new remedies and I was feeling great. My feelings of fogginess were starting to lift and I no longer felt lost. A sense of conscious happiness started washing over me daily with each dose of my new remedies. It was awesome and I was very grateful for having found the homeopathic way back to myself. But we weren’t done yet. The time came for the real remedy, Tuberculinum, to do its job. I visited Julie again and after listening to my new-found happiness and combining those answers with what she found out about me on previous sessions, she prescribed Tuberculinum to me. My body did not like this remedy for the first couple of days. It felt as if I had fallen back to being depressed and my thoughts became a little foggy again. It wasn’t terrible but certainly did not feel like a step forward. Julie had warned me of this and I was ready. Well, it happened. But a quick to Julie and a little coaching from her I was back on track. I just let the remedy do its job for a few days and out of the blue, voila! … I started feeling even better again! The combination of the new remedy with the old ones seemed to have the synergistic result of the sum of the parts were greater than the parts themselves. In other words, the combination of these two remedies had exponentially increased my feelings of adequacy, helped my self-esteem, and allowed to start living my life again in the way it was before I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Thank you Julie for listening to me and for helping me find myself again. You are the best!

Blessings, Leo

I came to Julie because I developed severe anxiety in regards to driving on the freeway. This was such a hard thing to deal with as you don’t realize how much it affects your life. Julie listened and was able to come up with a remedy that completely helped me with my anxiety.
It took some baby steps, but with Julie’s help, I can now say that i am driving all over the place and enjoying it once again! So freeing!
Thank you Julie! You are the best!


I first went to see Julie Igel after my 3 year old son was diagnosed with speech impairment, cognitive delay, and “soft signs” of autism. I was devastated to receive such news, and was determined to help my son, after hours of investigating and research, I found a lot of families who found help for their children with homeopathy. I searched for a credible, certified, and experienced of Homeopath . After carefully selecting one, I met Julie and immediately found her to be inviting, caring, understanding, compassionate, and most importantly knowledgeable! She took the time to get to know my son and spent a considerable amount of time with me and my husband explaining how homeopathy works and answered all of our questions.

When I first saw Julie my son had no speech besides “mama” “papa” and “more”, even after being in speech therapy for over a year, he didn’t understand basic commands, had some self stimulating behaviors (stimming), and just seemed to be in a fog, along with a lot of other things to long to list. Two months after our first visit I am happy to report my son now speaks and is starting to make sentences, speech is clearer, he readily answers questions, understands basic commands, able to follow directions, stimming is very rare, sleeps all night, and the fog has lifted, he’s engaged and present! I have family friends, and school personnel comment on his progress every time I see them, and even ask what I am doing with him, because the change has been so significant. He continues to heal everyday.

Our journey is not over and it hasn’t been an easy one, but Julie has been so supportive and I can honestly say she really does care about her clients. As a parent I can’t tell you the pain and hopelessness you feel to see your children struggle. I saw many doctors, specialists, and therapists and not one was able to help me like Julie. My only regret is that I looked at Homeopathy as a last resort, its safe, there aren’t side effects like prescription drugs, and it works! I am forever grateful for Julie and for the first time I’m hopeful and excited for the future. If anyone would like to contact me about my sons journey I would be happy to share his story.

Crystal D, LVN