Hi, my name is Julie Igel and I welcome you to my blog site Homeopathic Soulutions.Currently, I am a student attending the Homeopathic Academy of Southern Californian (www.HASCInc.com)  where I am studying to become a Certified Classical Homeopath. I am excited to be sharing my journey with you, in hopes to inspire and encourage people to live a healthier, happier, more  holistic life.

I was  first introduced to homeopathy back in the early 1990’s. I was immediately drawn to the concept of the Mind/Body connection and that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. This tied in almost directly to the way I was raised. Fortunately for me and my siblings, our mother was raised by her Irish Immigrant grandmother who believed that anything that ails you can and will be cured by a nice warm bowl of soup, a nap and a good BM! (Bowel Movement) If ever we complained to our mother that we weren’t feeling well, her immediate response to us was “honey have you had a BM today?” To which we immediately responded “disgusting mother!!” Little did I know how much I would appreciate this later in life. We almost never went to the doctor, and when we did, it was almost always to the  dentist, as a result I do have pretty nice teeth!

After my three daughters were born, I became very discouraged with the pediatric group I was using. There were usually long waits in the front office, followed by a very short 15 minute visit with my doctor, which usually ended with a prescription for antibiotics. However, that wasn’t really the worst part about it. The worst part about it was that I did not feel heard, and that I did not feel valued as the spokes person for  my three children, as if I didn’t really know what was happening with their health, and that I couldn’t possibly have anything of value to add. Just for the record, I feel that mothers are truly the top of the food chain, and nothing or no one can ever out rank a mother!!!

The transition to homeopathy came very easily and was a God send. In 1995 I met my current practitioner and employer, Allison Maslan  www.homeopathicwellness.com I am blessed also to be her assistant which is facilitating a deeper understanding of my educational journey.  She has helped me through teething, ear infections on up until puberty and sending off the two oldest ones to college for the first time. She even helped me with my pet chicken who had a horrible case of heat stroke last summer!!Yes, homeopathy is great for animals as well!!

As a practicing Catholic, I truly value the direct correlation of the spirit, the emotion  and body and how these things can not and should not  be separated.(Hence the nameHomeopathic Soulutions) Have you ever watched what happens when you cut your finger? The body goes immediately to work to right that wrong, and over the time span of just a few hours, you can see  marked improvement. The body is truly amazing and divinely created!

I hope you will enjoy my site, and feel free to post comments. Look for my upcoming post “What is Homeopathy Anyway?”

Thank you! Julie