• I was not sure where I was embarking, however knew something had to change! I am grateful for Julie's "fine-tuned-listening", empathetic approach reviewing an in-depth-array of symptoms" varying on one hand with grief/loss, some hip pain, in addition... acid indigestion. I am a HUGE believer now! So much positive change, in such little time. Amazing resource, humor, kindness, knowledge! JULIE, THANK YOU TO INFINITY & BEYOND
    Deb N.
  • Wow! Where to begin?! Julie Igel is a complete gift to our family’s healthy living. We go to her for pretty much everything from runny noses, eczema, pink eye, healing my postpartum and more. She’s not only amazing at getting back to us when we have our daily questions but reaches out to us to check on how we are doing! Who does that? Her expertise has been a huge comfort to us as parents wanting to keep our family healthy. Cannot recommend her enough.

    Joann J.
    Avalon at Eagles Crossing
  • Julie is a homeopath’s homeopath. Having practiced classical homeopathy as a holistic practitioner for 33 years, I am a bit particular when choosing my own homeopath. I highly recommend Julie’s professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, understanding manner.
    Sally T.
  • I hope you know how much I have grown + taken better care of myself with your guidance and patient support since I first called you this summer. You helped me with the root causes of my hormone imbalances that I did not even know was the main issue all along. Thank you for being my homeopathy warrior!
    Francesca C.
  • I've worked with Julie for more than 6 months now and I cannot be more grateful for her! I found her online in one of my deepest, painful menstrual cramp days just researching what's out there and who's got the knowledge on how to deal with this! I was ready to throw in the towel and take whatever pill that would just mask the pain from my physician. Lo and behold, I found her on Instagram of all places! Someone I followed happened to tag her, and I knew it was a sign I had to reach out! Julie has been an angel from the very first phone call. Wow, she listens and she wants to really help! I feel SEEN. I feel HEARD. Julie took my life stories and experiences and helped me find the root cause of my "bodily complaints". Turns out, there is always a root cause beyond the migraine or the menstrual cramps, etc. She has worked with me in my hormone imbalances and more. When we tried A, B, or C remedy and I was still not feeling like symptoms were improving, she kept trying. She didn't give up and she is always open to learn more and to join hands with me in helping me with the root problem. I have never felt so seen and heard and unbelievably KNOWN by a homeopath, of all the healers/doctors out there. She really means it when she says Text or Call me anytime. She works with your schedule to make an appointment with you. I had doubts about homeopathy, but now I'm screaming the benefits of homeopathy on the rooftops! These aren't some voodoo magical remedies. Julie teaches me to get to the source and restore our body and health from there. I will continue to seek homeopathic so(u)lutions from her! This is the most valuable investment I've made for my wellbeing, especially in a pandemic! If you want to take a step to better your health, please give Julie a call! You won't regret it.
    FC D.
    Poway, CA