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Flu Shots and You

October 19, 2011 • by Julie

The cold and flu season is rapidly approaching. As a matter-of-fact, I happen to have my teenage daughter home sick today with a sore throat and fever. So in truth, it is ALREADY upon us.

Many friends and clients ask me my opinion regarding the flu shot. There are so many alternatives to the flu shot, one needs only to have a desire to think outside the box-todays box that is, or perhaps think more like your grandmother. Grandmother knew best. Get plenty of rest, sunshine, good whole foods, and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! Seriously, this is the best prevention out there, keep your environment free of chemicals, bacteria and the like, but washing your hands after an outing, keeping them away from your mouth, nose and eyes, will do wonders!

For those of you who might need a bit more than grandma’s old-fashioned, common sense remedies, I would like to recommend a wonderful homeopathic remedy by the name of Oscillococcinum. If you stare at this word for a few minutes, you will eventually be able to pronounce it! It is pronounced just as it is spelled. Os-cill-oc-coc-cinum. It took me all last year, but I eventually got it!!!! This remedy can be taken prophylactically as well as taking it at the first sign of a cold or flu bug. I elected to give this to all my family this year in advance. (Naturally I made this decision after my youngest got sick!) If you have multiple family members, may I suggest you do this all on a day when everyone is most likely to be home. This way you can remember who you gave it to, and how many doses were given. To do this, open one vial from the box. Pour the pellets in the cap provided until it is full. This is one dose. Take under the tongue until they dissolve. Do this every hour for three hours, for a total of three doses. The box comes with several vials of this remedy. The instruction read to take an entire vial. For this dosing purpose, that is not necessary. Repeat one week later in the same fashion. If you have a child under the age of 2, I suggest you speak with a homeopathic professional first before hand.

There are many other flu remedies available, however a clear symptom picture is required. If you or a family member should come down with a cold or flu, please do not panic. Help is as near as a phone call. Homeopathy has been treating the flu for over 200 years with great success. It was the homeopathic hospitals in the early 1900’s that rescued many from the Flu of 1918. Somehow this has been removed from our history books!

It is my greatest desire to educate and inform people of alternative choices available to them. I pray that one day, it will be flu shots, and the like that will be considered the “alternative” and that homeopathy will receive the respect and notability it once had in this country some 100 years ago. Please feel free to contact me at my office any time to book an appointment, or just to ask a question. 760-579-1692

To your health!

xoxo Julie

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