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How stress can hurt

July 18, 2011 • by Julie

These past few months have been particularly hard on me. I have been concentrating on graduating from the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, making sure I meet all my obligations, taking care of the few clients I am blessed to have and at the same time doing all I can to continue to learn about the awesome healing principals of homeopathy. This has been quite the challenge. I have been held up at my desk, cramped into a hard wooden chair, avoiding my daily routine of exercise, and perhaps having a few too many glasses of red wine in the evenings…medicinal of course! In essence, doing everything I tell my own clients and friends NOT to do.

So what is that about?
Since my graduation in May, I have had time to think a great deal about the stress that I experienced my last year of school. I have to admit that it did infact send me into orbit a few times. You can ask my husband and three daughters. There are times in our lives that seem to contradict the very principals that we stand for, taking us into directions that we would otherwise prefer to avoid. So what are we to do when this happens? Well, this is what my training is preparing me for, to help others through these stressful times, and at the same time, teaching myself to seek out this very thing when needed. I believe this is the most challenging part of all, asking for help when we need it, and taking that very help from the very people we seek it from. Often times we may ask for advice, but far too often we fail to adhere to it.

So, I would like to take this time once again, to remind all of you as well as myself, of the wonderful healing benefits of homeopathy. We are not just that achy body scrunched into a hard chair, or that stressed out student, burnt out teacher, or new mom who hasn’t had a good nights sleep in days. We are body, mind and spirit. So the next time you find yourself leaving one of these vital parts along the road side, please consider a holistic approach to your health. Homeopathy can help with many ailments. Just to name a few: Stress, migraines, hormonal balancing, chronic fatigue, all childhood ailments, chronic cystitis, depression, physical trauma and more. I am available by appointment. 760-579-1692

Author: Julie

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