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Teething Tablets

October 27, 2010 • by Julie

There has been a lot of controversy recently regarding the Hylands Teething Tablet product. This is of some concern, because any miscommunication about homeopathy is never good, for the consumer or for homeopathy in general. If I could just take a moment here to quiet a few fears regarding these products. As a classical homeopath, it is a general rule of thumb, that we do not use combination remedies. We take the totality of symptoms from the patient and decide on one remedy that will cover this totality to put the patient in balance. When combination remedies are used, we can not be sure which remedy is acting either positively or negatively. As I have explained in previous posts, homeopathy is based on the philosophy Like cures Like. We look for remedies that cause those same symptoms in a healthy person. If someone takes a remedy that is not properly prescribed, there is a chance that they may have what is called a proving. In other words, elicit those symptoms associated with that remedy.

There is one other thing that is very important when using homeopathic remedies, especially for the needs of babies, and that is potency. Homeopathic remedies come from all aspects of nature. Toxic substances being one of them. However, in the process of creating the homeopathic equivalent of these toxins, they are diluted many many times. The higher the number the more dilute it is. The lower the number, the closer it is to the original crude substance. The potencies used in the Hylands Teething tablets are of the 3x potency. Which means they are closer to the original crude substance. It is always a good idea to check with a homeopathic professional before giving any remedy, regardless of the potency to babies. Now having said that, it can be very frightening for parents to see their children go through a proving state. Their regular pediatrician is not trained in homeopathy, and only see Belladonna on the label and justifiably panic. They tell their young mothers, that they are poisoning their infants by using this product. Please be assured this is not the case, and that these symptoms will subside and leave no side effects. The symptoms will stop with in a 24-36 hour period of the discontinuation of the remedy or product. Homeopathy is a very safe and effective way to treat all kinds of ailments. However, I would like to truly emphasize the need for professional homeopathic care. It can be very frustrating for a young parent going it alone and in the end turn them off to homeopathy completely. I am speaking from experience when I tell you this. There are classes available for parents to take in various communities. For the non-threatening acute ailments, these are truly valuable courses. I have put together a few single remedies below, that are tried and true teething remedies. They should be used alone, and again it is always best to consult a homeopathic practitioner. For a homeopath in your area, please go to website. (North American Society of Homeopaths) The homeopaths that are associated with this society hold to a very high standard of certification and study.

Common Teething Remedies~

Chammomilla~ This baby is very angry and not so much fun to be around! They are irritable, fussy, whining and moaning. Capricious. The child may want many things, which are then refused. Discontented and demanding. They do not know what they want. This baby wants to be carried and held.

Calcarea carbonica~made from the oyster shell, the baby who needs this remedy may have a calcium deficiency due to difficulty in assimilating calcium. This baby is quite plump and fair and sweats about his large head. Calc carb helps to promote the assimilation of calcium. He has a milk intolerance and possibly a delay in the closing of the Fontanelle. This baby hates to be cold and is better in dry weather.

Silica~Great for the painful delay of teeth. This baby may be cranky and irritable and resents interference, sweats about his feet, hands, head and neck. He is alert. He is worse from heat and being wrapped up about the head(hats, bonnets) A dose of silica can bring about that stubborn delay of teeth.

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