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Homeopathy for Colds and Flu

March 10, 2011 • by Julie

I began using homeopathy in the early 1990’s and was instantly amazed by its powerful and sometimes instantaneous punch! Watching a toddler in a full-tilt melt down mode go from a raging Tasmanian devil to a purring kitten, (Not my child of course ???? ) to witnessing a fever that is approaching the scary level break and reduce before your very eyes is nothing short of miraculous!

The benefits of homeopathy are far reaching, and a natural go to for me when it comes to acute colds and flus. With each ensuing year, we seem to be pressured more and more to get that pesky flu shot by well-meaning pharmacies and our health care providers, even though the efficacy levels fall short of providing true immunity or health. http://fightingdiseaseinourtoxicenviroment.com/2015/10/21/johns-hopkins-scientist-reveals-shocking-report-on-flu-vaccines/

We have become accustomed to believing that cold and flu season is imminent; that it is just part of the calendar year; like football season, the Holiday season, or the 4 Seasons; just by turning your calendar to September, will ultimately put you to bed with the flu. This power of suggestion is strong, especially if you spend much time watching television, or visiting Walgreens or CVS. Images such as these can be seen everywhere.

When I was in homeopathic school, we often heard the phrase; it’s not the seed, it’s the soil. Meaning, the environment and the susceptibility to disease, not just about being in the presence of or being exposed to disease. What precedes the seed sprouting? Can that seed make it on its own without the proper nutrients or environment to flourish? The same is true of disease. What preceded that illness? Were we in some kind of stressful situation? Perhaps not eating right or getting enough rest? Did we experience a traumatic loss or grief? Even a physical trauma can be the impetus to an acute or choric illness due to the jarring of our vital force. Our mental and emotional state and the life style we chose play a huge role in our susceptibility to disease.

We can avoid the flu and other pesky diseases just by making a few changes to our life styles. This doesn’t always have to be some grandiose change either. For those soda drinkers or sweet addicts, this simple change in your diet can make a world of difference. This link below is from Dr. Mercola, he has a wealth of information about preventative medicine on his website. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/04/15/eliminate-processed-foods-soda.aspx

We cannot always predict or control the winds, as much as we may wish to believe, but for me, I will always choose a holistic approach to my health and wellness first.

Here is a list of some common homeopathic remedies for the colds and flu to have on hand:


Aconite/Aconitum napellas

Rapidly developing conditions in any organ system. Often times after exposure to cold winds fright or shock. This can knock a cold or flu off its feet if taken at the first sign of feeling ill. A leading symptom of this remedy is having one red cheek and one pale cheek. There can be flushes of heat, a bitter taste in the mouth and great thirst for unusually cold water. This is one of the main remedies for early stages of croup and sudden onset of pneumonia; patient may be worse lying on the left side. Again, the main theme of this remedy is sudden onset after chill or fright.

Allium Cepa

The great hay fever remedy. This remedy comes from the red onion, so think about what happens to you when you are cutting an onion. Copious amounts of nasal discharge “like a faucet” that is acrid, may even irritate the lip. Profuse lacrimation from the eyes which is bland. Headache which may be worse from closing the eyes. Severe pain in the throat with disposition to swallow, hoarseness and dry throat, severe tearing pain in the larynx during cough.

Arsenicum album

Think of this remedy when the stomach flu is present. Severe burning pains in the stomach, burning into the esophagus. Desire for small sips of cold water. Deathly nausea. Tongue discolored white. Diarrhea often with acrid, offensive watery stools. Patient may go to bed feeling fine and wake at midnight with complaints. Worse from 12 am to 2am. Extreme coldness and exhaustion. Pains are usually burning in nature, but are made better from heat, however head complaints are made better by cold, head may feel hot while body remains chilly. This patient may be extremely restless.


The acute conditions of this remedy start suddenly, often with high fevers and great intensity of the physical symptoms, the face is red and hot, the eyes glistening, pupils can be dilated and the feet and hands are cold. The illness comes on like a storm and rarely lasts long. Long lasting fevers will rarely respond to Belladonna, but first choice for fever coming on out of no where, worse after getting head wet or receiving a hair cut. Pains are often throbbing and right sided. Deep red color of the throat, swollen tonsils along with delirium or vivid hallucination, sometimes without prostration or much loss of energy. Patient may have explosive anger with a desire to strike or bite. All symptoms can be started by being chilled or becoming over heated. Belladonna is one of the key remedies for otitis media(ear infection) that is predominantly right sided with severe pain, worse at night in bed and is throbbing. Tympanic membrane is usually bulging. Acute suppurated tonsillitis, that is also right sided, pain worse from passage of air over inflamed part, averse to tight clothing around throat. Patient may crave lemons or lemonade but is often time thirstless.


This remedy is nicked name the Grumpy Bear! This patient wants to be left ALONE! Even someone coming into the room to check will aggravate this patient. There is a marked sensitivity to movement, so anyone disturbing this patient only makes it worse, least you may bump the bed. This remedy is predominately left sided, with headache over the left eye or forehead extending to the occiput then over the entire head. Everything is aggravated by motion. If this patient is coughing, Usually a dry painful cough, it is worse on rising and walking about, patient may hold chest while coughing in order to keep it still. Again, worse from movement. If there are stomach complaints, there is a great thirst for warm drinks. Laying perfectly still will amelirorate the stomach pains. Colds travel to chest.


Chilly and worse from cold, aggravated by cloudy or wet weather. General aggravation from drafts. Constant desire to clear throat, feels there is mucous in the throat which clears with difficulty. Hoarseness, colds go to chest, worse with almost every cold, worse in the morning. Coughs deeper and deeper trying to reach mucous, better cold drinks.

Eupatorium preforliatum

Tremendous aching, as if bones are broken, great thirst for cold drinks, especially during the chill. Back pain excruciating especially lower lumbar area, chills felt first in the back. Influenza with high fever, flush, chills or even rigor with great thirst for cold drinks.

Ferrum Phos

Remedy for general and vague symptoms. Slow onset. There can be fever with soreness in throat are the most common symptoms of this remedy. Fever, but no localizing or individualizing symptoms


General aggravation from anticipation, fright or bad news. Trembling from exertion, fright or anticipation. Great fatigue and weakness. Chills alternating with flushes of heat. General aggravation at 10am. Headache beginning in the occiput or neck and radiating to the forehead, heavy head, feels as if he can hardly lift it. Eyelids heavy and droopy, has that sick look about him. Thirstless. May have fear heart will stop unless he stays in motion.

Hepar sulph

Over sensitive to all pain, pain exaggerated. Irritable with angry outbursts. Chilly and aggravated from becoming cold, even one part of the body, worse from being uncovered a hand or foot, intolerant to drafts. Offensive odors from discharges, perspiration, sour smelling. Swelling of glands, stitching or splinter like pains, intense sensitivity to pain, complains intensely. Head sensitive to uncovering(ear pain, headaches-babies need to wear hats) Severe and painful otitis media wakes at night shrieking and cannot be comforted. Ears sensitive to wind or open air. Stitching or splinter like pains in throat feels as if a chicken bone is stuck in throat. Croup, worse from exposure to wind or open air. Abscesses. Discharges, purulent (puss).

Kali Bich

This remedy is often thought of first when there is the first sign of discharges that are thick and gluey like and often green.(sign of infection) Sinusitis, nasal discharge or post nasal discharge is thick, purulent and stringy. Strong nasal quality to voice. Asthma, worse night, productive cough with thick or stringy green sputum in asthma and bronchitis.


General aggravation from both heat and cold, change of temperatures. Worse at night, worse heat of bed, worse from perspiring, night sweats. Otitis media in acute and chronic cases, tongue imprinted with teeth, offensive breath, metallic taste in mouth, excessive saliva, especially at night in bed. Pharyngitis.


Hay fever, colds begin with sneezing, copious amounts of egg white like discharges from nose. Headaches, migraines. Worse from light, sun and reading. Worse 10am, or 10 am until 3pm. Headache like hammers beating on head. Headache from grief. Lacrimation of the eyes, worse open air or wind.

Nux vomica

The great over indulgent remedy. Think over doing in all areas with this remedy. Over work, over eating, workaholics, compulsive over doers. Chilly and worse from cold, better warm applications. Allergies and hay fever, sneezing worse in morning upon rising. Stomach pains worse from tight clothing, infants with colic. Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Cough worse morning in bed, exposure to air conditioning.


Recurring respiratory infections; every cold goes to chest. Lingering, tickling coughs worse cold air, worse exertion, worse talking and laughing. Pneumonia, especially left sided, worse lying flat or on the left side, better sitting or lying on right. Painful cough. Hoarseness, usually with out pain though at times may be quite painful. Voice lost entirely. Laryngitis. Tremendous thirst for cold drinks.


Thick yellow discharges. Clingy, emotional, irritable. Changeable moods. Desire for consolation. Acute and chronic otitis media, ear pain often worse at night, worse heat, pulsating pain, better in open air, but hates wind. Aggravated by heat, wants to be covered, but wants a window open for fresh air. All symptoms better outdoors, or walking slowly in open air. Dry mouth but with no thirst. Bland and often greenish discharges, chronic nasal obstruction. Conjunctivitis, allergic or infective. Thick yellow or greenish discharge from corners of the eye. Craves butter, cream or cheese. Fats of any kind but aggravates.

Oil of Oregano

This is truly one amazing supplement! A great go to for respiratory infections. One I have had personal experience with when I had a cough that lasted close to 3 months. I had tried everything, including homeopathy, antibiotics and much more. When this was recommended to me, my cough literally stopped within a few hours, and by the next day I was feeling nearly 100%. I use the Gaia brand sold at most health food stores.

In addition to these homeopathic remedies, there are other natural ways to help boost your immune system. Vitamin D deficiency seems to be on the rise, so supplementing your diet during the winter months, especially those of you that live outside of Southern California, where we have sunshine 12 months of the year is very helpful. I especially like the Arbonne Vitamin D Spray, it includes Vitamin B12 as well. YOU CAN PURCHASE IT HERE
Vitamin C is also incredibly helpful at the first sign of illness. I like Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Brand. This is a GMO free whole food product that can be found at most health food stores. Or at www.vitacost.com
Juicing and a diet rich in whole foods is an essential must. Here is a quick and easy concoction you can make at home.

I hope you have found this newsletter helpful. I am very grateful to have such wonderful clients, and I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season surrounded by friends and family and lots of love! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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